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Our Mission

Our work deals with the intersection of profit and purpose, helping organizations and clients compete and succeed through video storytelling. We create engaging, influencing and entertaining content across various digital platforms for corporations, non-profits, content distributors, influencers and individuals.

We work with underserved individuals and those going to extremes to have their story told, as well as creatives and brands alike, developing original content that doesn’t just fit expectations, but expands mindsets.

We ideate, innovate and execute on behalf of positive, cause-driven campaigns and stories that resonate with audiences on a deep, cellular level.


We believe...

"That stories must be as strategic as they are spellbinding."

— Ben & Max Berkowitz, Co-Founders


Ben is an impact media producer, activist, Board Member of the Jewish Film Institute, BBYO representative, public speaker and Facebook event personality. He began his career in film distribution at Sony Pictures Classics and Magnolia Pictures; having developed content to support the strategic planning of impact marketing campaigns for theatrical releases including Academy Award® Nominated A Royal Affair, and The Hunt, as well as the critically received, award winning documentary Blackfish. Recently, he was a producer on CNN Film’s Unseen Enemy, which premiered April 6, 2017.

Max is an impact media producer, broadcast journalist, activist, BBYO representative, public speaker and Facebook event personality. He was a reporter for ESPN/NBC Boston, worked alongside CBS NFL & Brooklyn Nets Announcer Ian Eagle, assistant producer at WCVB Channel 5 Boston, and sports broadcaster at New Hampshire’s NH1 News and NESN.

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Nash Howe

Nash Howe is a cinematographer, photographer and musician. He has married his love of the great outdoors with his passion for videography, photography and music. No height is too great and no cave too deep as Nash captures the beauty of the world around him. His work is an expression of his love for the unexpected and the uncontrollable; thriving off of spontaneity. He grew up with a deep appreciation for our public lands, passed down from his parents. His belief is that "this world provides us with unlimited access to beauty and amazing humans, we have the tools to capture them and tell their stories." 


Through a strategic partnership with Nash Howe and NOT A BILLIONAIRE, we have formed the ultimate creative team to bring your stories to reality.