Our Mission:


We are storytellers. We are filmmakers who provide individuals, brands, and organizations with the tools to engage, influence, entertain and make positive social impact in their communities. 


What We Do

We believe that stories must be as strategic as they are spellbinding. Content only succeeds if it delivers what audiences want, when and how they want it. Video storytelling is an incredible way to tell stories that are personal and have a real impact on your audience. 

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Partners & Clients

Leaders across industries come to us  to tell their stories. Media, non-profits, consulting agencies, foundations, healthcare, technology and consumer companies.

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Our Impact

By creating informative, accessible, engaging video content, our clients develop increased digital audience and brand recall. When the audience remembers your story, they remember your brand, which translates to a higher ROI.



MillionS OF VIEWS 

Our videos have garnered over 8M+ views with increased engagement in less than two years. We utilize strategic partnerships with social media content publishers to elevate your content.




Our backgrounds span across multiple industries including entertainment, journalism and broadcast television. 



more is how much video is shared over text and links combined

Video storytelling is key to success. Audiences will engage in a video post before any text post.


Our Capabilities

Our team has a breadth of expertise across various industries from entertainment, journalism, social impact and more.  Our unique talents and perspectives brings unmatched execution to your content.



We are a full service production company working with state-of-the-art equipment and the most talented crew. We are capable of achieving stunning cinema quality footage for film, television, music videos, commercials, and digital media, as well as high performance music events and athletics.


When it comes to telling your story, our team of highly talented writers and reporters will strategize and perform the necessary research so that your story is as informative as it is engaging.


In order to elevate the impact of your stories, we tailor your content to specific audiences and demographics, and find the best platforms for distribution.



We have worked with some of the leading organizations across the globe, and thus have relationships with those who will best serve your stories and provide the bes.


"Not A Billionaire produced the PSA and Livestream as part of The Longest Day 2016, helping raise $3.8 million for Alzheimer's research, care and support programs."

Alzheimer's Association

This. Is. So. Good.


“What started as a simple conversation with Ben over coffee is threatening to turn into a dream project. And Starburns—How often do you get to partner with guys who not only understand your ideas but have the vision and skills to take it far beyond anything you could have imagined and make it a reality?”

Mike Mignola, Creator of Hellboy

"Thank you again for all of your support, and making the #AskMoreofHim campaign happen. We are so grateful!"


"The event was amazing and your team was great!"


Boston Globe loves Pillow Talk Show!


"Dave and Sab [co-founders] LOVED working with NAB. NAB is officially in ClearEdge’s database of preferred video partners!"

ClearEdge Marketing / Account Manager and Content Strategist